VNC Induced Laziness

My main desktop computer lies at the other end of my bedroom, hooked up to the widescreen and stereo. I installed a VNC server on it just so my laptop, a humungus IBM “maxipad”, could serve as my remote control. Now I don’t have to get out of bed in order to fire up the next episode of the next generation.

Of course it wasn’t as simple as that. I couldn’t just install any old VNC server. I had to do my research and pick the one I thought was best. At the top of my list of priorities was security – I wanted one with encryption. After a bit of snooping around I didn’t find any that supported it easily, so it seemed tunelling over SSH was the way to go. Of course in order to do that I would have to install SSH on the desktop which is running XP. After re-appraising why I was doing all this in the first place (to facilitate laziness) I decided against that approach and just whacked tightVNC on it. It’s all running behind a NAT anyway, the router wont forward any ports that VNC uses.

As a result of all this over-engineered laziness I am currently in bed with a glass of red wine at four in the morning, writing my first ever blog. After some contemplation I have decided that none of my friends are quite nerdy enough, despite the fact that some of them are computer programmers like myself. Sure they keep up with the tech news to a degree, but everytime I try to start a discussion on the possible uses for all that dark fiber google is snatching up, their attention wavers. So instead of boring them with it, I have chosen to start a blog and thereby foster the illusion that someone is actually listening. Like every one of you out there, I am just begging for an audience.

Look at me Ma! No hands!


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