Home Servitude

This web page has been brought to you by an unassuming laptop in the corner of my lounge room and the letter “R”.

Photograph of two cockatiels sitting on the webserver

Here’s hoping the birds don’t chew through the cat(5) or poo on it too much. Even though it means an end to web surfing in bed I decided to use the old laptop rather than the very old desktop PC for a a few reasons:

  • smaller
  • quieter
  • lower power consumption
  • more CPU grunt

As for the domain name, DynDNS is working well and I am surprised at how quickly an IP address change is propagated – it is virtually instantaneous. This is handy because the wiring in my house is so dodgy that the modem drops its connection everytime you pick up the phone. My ISP assigns me a new address almost every time this happens.

All things considered I am very happy with my little webserver. Installing debian, apache, mysql, php and wordpress was painless despite the fact that I’ve never set up a linux server before.


One thought on “Home Servitude

  1. Welcome (again) to the world of blogdom! My comment has disappeared in the transition. Glad to see the birds are still feet-down, feathers-on!

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