Gallery rocks

My friend Tracey recently sent me some holiday happy snaps from her trip to America. Not wanting to be left out of the photo sharing action I prepared to email her some photos from my recent trip to Cairns. At which point I stopped and realised there must be a better way of sharing photos. Time to investigate that flickr site everyone seems to be using.

Flickr is really cool. It lets you upload your photos so your friends can see them. It gives you a way of posting photos to your blog as small thumbnails that people can click on to get the full version, rather than just dumping the whole lot on you at once. I’m looking at you, franzy.

But flickr is not for me. I like to customise things. As a wise man once said, “fuck you Jobu. I do it for myself”. So I began what I thought would be a long trawl of sourceforge to find some image hosting software I could set up on this site, only to find that gallery is one of the most active projects there. So the choice was made.

You can check out my photo galleries by clicking on the image below. At the moment you’ll find the photos from my trip to Cairns and some photos from the Air Guitars – a tennis team I formed with a bunch of friends.



One thought on “Gallery rocks

  1. Quit your moanin’ and bonin’ broadband man, the less clicks my audience has to perform the better, I say. Think of my poor granny and her poor arthritic fingers as they tap the remote while waiting for grandad to get off the computer so she can check my blog and look at my page of lovely photos all combined in one!

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