If you’re anything like me, quite often you find yourself wondering what that song playing on the radio is. So you type a few lyrics or a band name into google in order to find out. Last fm usually comes up somewhere in the list of results. You click on it, read a bit of info about the band or song, and that’s it. One day I was feeling curious so decided to find out exactly what the hell the last fm site is all about.

It turns out that Last fm is pretty cool. You download some software from their site which “watches” the music you play. It then sends this info to their website – think of it as voluntary spyware. This way you can keep track of the music you have been listening to recently, what your most played track is and who your most played artists are. Check out my last fm user page and you’ll get the drift.

I often try to brainwash my friends into appreciating the same music I do – it makes finding someone to go to that gig with just a little bit easier. Now I can do it with the power of the internets. Muhahhahaha!

Ever since I changed jobs and can’t listen to the radio at work, I’ve been lacking a conduit for finding new music. Last fm helps fill the gap because it lets you check out what other people, who have similar musical tastes, are listening to.

It also has an open API, which lets you do cool stuff such as the “Soundtrack” menu you should see on the right. Those songs are my weekly most played tracks, and it is automatically updated when I listen to stuff in my media player of choice. Last fm Also works with iPods and other portable gadgets.

In short, Last fm caters to both my musical and computer geekery.


3 thoughts on “

  1. “Brainwash”? How about “blast at high volume”?
    I like the sound of this last fm. I’ve got itunes rigged up to do pretty much the same thing, but not online. I’d love to sign up, but the major problem is that Mele also uses and abuses my music library so my favourite songs and most played lists are full of David Gray, Enzso and Interpol.

  2. I’m not too sure how iTunes works, but you might be able to get around it by having two separate logon accounts in windows. One for you and one for everyone else. That’s probably too much of a hassle though.

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