Site Down

I’ll be moving soon so as of the 14th of April the site will be down. It’ll be back up whenever I get my ADSL hooked up at the new place. I’m sure the wordpress comment spammers will sorely miss me.

Incidentally I will not be using Adam Internet again. When I signed up to them I was sure to read the terms and conditions carefully and there was no mention of a disconnection fee. Half way through they decided to change the terms and conditions to include a $90 disconnection fee.

Seems they included a clause in the original terms and conditions stating that they can change the terms and conditions at any time. If so why stop at $90? Why not chuck in my fist born child as well?

Of course the disconnection fee is due to Telstra and not Adam itself, but other ISPs such as Internode have been decent enough to eat the cost. I don’t mind paying if the terms are settled from the start but changing them half way through is plain dishonest.

Okay, turns out I was wrong. Adam always had the disconnection fee hidden in their terms and conditions. The real issue is that when they increased their prices customers either had to eat the price rise, or pay a $90 disconnection fee to back out. Customers should not be slugged a fee for backing out of a contract when the terms and conditions are changed on them.

Incidentally, the main reason I went with Adam rather than Internode was price. After factoring in the disconnection fee and the price rise I would have been better off with Internode.


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