Pimp my keyboard

In years gone by computer cases only came in one colour – beige. Recently everyone has started adding bling and otherwise “pimping out” their cases. Here’s an example of someone who jumped on the bandwagon, and then probably pimped that out too. Do they make fifty inch chrome wagon wheels rims?

Pimped out rig

One aspect of PC pimping long ignored is the humble keyboard. They are by far the most boringly functional devices ever to be plugged into a USB port. The mouse is pimp – it has a tricked out laser beam on its undercarriage just like all the cars in 2 Fast 2 Furious. Sure you can buy some pretty funky keyboards, but that’s not very west coast customs now is it?

Thankfully there is a solution – draw on your keyboard. For this you will need:

  • One keyboard
  • One texta
  • The urge to be creative
  • A serious case of boredom

Which is exactly what you get when you deprive a geek of the internet for two months. Check out my custom decals y’all.

pimped out keyboardpimp out that keyboard

Sure I don’t have any artistic talent but at least I’ll never have to look at a boring keyboard again. You might notice the spacebar decals are rubbing off – that’s from too much Frets on Fire action. I’ll post more about that wonderful game soon but right now, what are you waiting for? Go pimp out your keyboard and you too will be rolling in bitches.


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