Dare frame thy fearful symmetry

Orbiter is a space flight simulator for the PC. It is not a game. There are no missions, no levels – there is only your craft and the vastness of space. You can take off from the surface of the earth, reach orbit, dock with the ISS, make a round trip to the moon or even take a swing past Saturn.

When I still lived with Mel and Sam they saw me doing all this and wondered why. What was the point of it? You couldn’t even shoot anything. I didn’t really give them a proper answer. I felt that if they didn’t naturally understand why I was interested in this stuff then I couldn’t explain it to them. Well now I think I can.

International Space Station

It’s because I want to be there.

That photo of the ISS was taken by the space shuttle crew as they were leaving for their journey back to earth. Take a look at that view. Click on it and open up the high res version. Soak it in. How can you not dream of being there?


2 thoughts on “Dare frame thy fearful symmetry

  1. I whole-heartedly agree. I also applaud your imagination and talent for dreaming and visualisation. That is indeed a beautiful and inspirational picture – especially if you’ve actually seen a screenshot of the Orbiter game that you used to play. I never saw any of those fancy-dancy things that they have posted on the website!
    If I were the designer of the game, the temptation to add in weird hacks and easter eggs and shit would be too great. Maybe, just once a game, maybe once in an install of the game, they should have a big green UFO or a comet or something whiz by the viewport or something, never to be seen again, just to blow the player’s minds. That would rule.

  2. You never saw those “fancy dancy things” because I was too crap a pilot. It probably took me about fifty attempts to successfully match orbit with the ISS. Most of the time I was just lost in space thousands and thousands of kilometres away.

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