Who’s got the corn chips? ‘Cos I’ve got the salsa… and the dip!

For over six months I’ve been getting salsa dancing lessons with Renee and David down at La Vita Dance. It’s been a great journey and every lesson is a blast.

La Vita Latin Dance Studio

I thoroughly recommend it, as all my friends know. They are no doubt sick of me trying to drag them along, but now they have no choice. Latino Heat is on Friday the 20th of July, which just happens to be around the same time as my birthday!

Friday the 20th of July
Upstairs at the Arkaba
150 Glen Osmond Road, Fullarton
$10 Entry

Those of you allergic to booty shaking can just sit by the bar, drink, talk and be amazed by my handiwork. There will be a dinner beforehand too, stay posted for details.

If anyone wants to come by for a quick lesson before the event you are more than welcome. In fact I just got back from a lesson tonight and it was the best one yet. Through all the time I have spent salsa dancing, slowly getting better and better, there is one thing that I have been looking forward to – learning the dip moves, the big, showy moves to wrap up the end of the song with authority. After months of begging, Renee finally caved in – tonight we learned our first dip. It was so much fun! Renee choreographed not one but two dips into a cross-body turn pattern. The whole class was in hysterics as we fumbled through the new steps. All of us got it in the end, with Renee singling my partner and I out for a bit of a demonstration to the rest of the class. Thankfully we didn’t stuff it up!

Anyway see you all on the 20th of July!


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