Is there a heaven for dead computers?

Lately it seems as though everyone I know is having computer problems. My house-mate’s computer needed a reinstall because it ran as slow as a dead and decomposing dog. My sister’s hard drive spontaneously combusted, taking with it a lot of hard work and important documents. Thankfully most of the important stuff was backed up. There was also an unfortunate accident involving wine spillage that claimed the life of Ben’s beloved hard drive.

Then there is my webserver. After only having it back up for a few weeks it decided to die again. Turns out the problem wasn’t the hard drive after all.

I was being a bit slack about getting it fixed but after several comments from friends who missed the site, I finally got my arse into gear. Thanks again to my sister and sam for the hardware.

Let this be a lesson for you all – back up your stuff! You never know when that hard drive is going to kick the bucket.


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