Anything for a good cause

I use this blog to push my own personal agenda on the world. Politics, computer security, skepticism or even my taste in music, it all is blogged or bitched about. But sometimes you need to stop bitching, get off your arse and do something.

At work we recently volunteered at meals on wheels, a non profit organisation supplying hot meals to the elderly and infirm. Getting up at dawn and engaging in manual labour is not something I am very accustomed to, but I found the kitchenhand duties very rewarding. Aside from knowing I was helping out my local community, it was just nice to be able to acheive something concrete at the end of a day. In the software engineering game your deadline is always weeks or months away, you toil away on bits and pieces, but it’s not until it all comes together that any sense of accomplishment comes. Seeing all those little hot packed meals go out the door gave me the same feeling, and it only took a few hours! It was also nice to work on something requiring less concentration, in a communal environment where we could all socialise. The other full time volunteers made it a lot of fun.

So that’s one good deed down, but why stop there? Perhaps something a little less exerting though… something that requires less effort… ahh I’ve got it! MOVEMBER!

Movember concepts

Traditionally Movember – the practice of growing a moustache in November – is done just for shits and giggles, so it has always seemed a bit naff to me. This year however it has been taken up under a banner of legitimacy and is being used to raise awareness (and cash) for men’s health issues, namely prostate cancer and depression. Each year many men die from prostate cancer which could have been prevented if they had only had it examined earlier. Many men also suffer from depression but don’t seek help until it is too late. By being part of Movember you can help raise awareness for these issues. All you have to do is stop shaving that upper lip! Of course you could always register on the official website and raise some cash for the cause as well. Now if only I could decide between the handlebar and the Fu Manchu…

One final cause I am getting up and active for is the walk against warming, happening this Sunday. I hope some of you will show your support and march with me!


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