Hello cello

I’ve always wanted to play a musical instrument. After mucking around on both the piano and guitar for the last five years, I haven’t made much progress. This year I’ve decided to do it properly and get some lessons rather than teaching myself.

I’ve no doubt picked up some incredibly bad habits on both of my previous instruments, so I decided that a fresh start on a completely different one would be a good idea. That instrument is the cello.


Why cello? I like the way it sounds. The cello is an expressive instrument, much like the human voice. A note can be loud or quiet, just like on a guitar, but unlike a guitar it can start out quiet and then grow in intensity. I’m also a fan of classical music, and in contemporary music the cello is a bit different – everyone can play guitar, bass or drums, but the cello isn’t that common. Hopefully that will allow me to contribute to a band without having to completely master my instrument.

There are also downsides to the cello. You cannot reasonably play more than two notes simultaneously, whereas the guitar can play five, the piano ten. It is also an instrument that sounds very bad until you get good at it. Anyone can bash a single key on a piano and it will sound nice, but playing a single note on the cello sounds like a cat being strangled to death unless you use the bow correctly.

I’ve already had my first lesson, and will soon master “hot cross buns”. All I need now is five years of practice.

One thing I have noticed while learning the other instruments is that progress takes a lot longer than you imagine. At times it can seem so slow that you wonder if you are getting any better at all. To remedy this I will try and document my progress as I go, so that I can look back on it later and see how far I have come. It will probably be a boring read to everyone except me, so I will write it on a new blog, hello cello, instead of here.

Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “Hello cello

  1. I now give you permission to smash my guitar, rockstar style, at your next party. As long as someone puts it on youtube so i can watch.

    Music is hard? Try learning a language. The important thing is to look backwards, so you can realise how far you’ve come, rather than looking forwards … because what lies ahead is a goal you can NEVER reach, it’s current space occupied by about 4 million Japanese 13 year olds.

    Remember what it’s like when you’re learning to skate/ski and some 5 year old comes blitzing passed you like a pro? MULTIPLY THAT BY LIKE 15 MILLION TIMES, THAT’S HOW PISSED OFF THE DUKE’S GONNA BE


    Seriously though, I really hope you get really good. By the next time I come around.

  3. Have you heard of the band Apocalyptica? It’s a heavy metal band consisting of 4 cellos, and more recently, a drummer. I have to say it’s quite an amazing group with extraordinary skill, and they were trained in classical music at an art college.

    Here are some videos:

    Enjoy 🙂

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