Daniel Kinsman the religious nut

I know google-fu. And what is the first thing one does with google-fu? One googles oneself.

A search on my name, “Daniel Kinsman” will turn up a few different hits. Apparently there is a rather talented young kart racer who shares my name. I’m hoping he grows up to be a formula one driver so I can cash in on his notoriety. Unfortunately there is also a religious nut who shares my name as well. Perhaps it is a sign from god that I should throw out logic and reason and embrace faith? Nah, wait till you hear what he has to say. If I believed in signs this would be a sign not to believe.

I first came across the guy in this quote from the mailbag on an IT website called The Register:

Jesus would not need an IPOD because being God who walked on earth He is the author of life and music.


Now even I have to admit that that would be cool. Who needs an iPod when you can instantly reproduce any song or performance at the drop of a hat? Screw turning water into wine, the ultimate party miracle would be summoning forth Hendrix, Elvis and Beethoven for an impromtu jam session.

I also use google’s blog searching tool. It has this really cool function where you can subscribe to a given search over RSS. For you non-geeks that means whenever anyone posts the words “Daniel Kinsman” anywhere on a blog, I know about it within days. Here’s the latest comments from Mr Daniel Kinsman on a priest’s blog post about some alleged paedophile:

I refuse to believe such an allegation about Father John Bertolucci. I saw the gift of the Holy Spirit at work in this man. He was given the gift of tongues as the apostles had. He had the gift of healing. He also had other charisms of the Holy Spirit. I think the accusations against him were false.

It was an attack of Satan as far as I am concerned

Watch out when Satan attacks! When good archangels go bad! No doubt if Mr Daniel Kinsman reads this website he will interpret it as an attack of Satan. What he really needs is an attack of sanity.


6 thoughts on “Daniel Kinsman the religious nut

  1. “…summoning forth Hendrix, Elvis and Beethoven for an impromtu jam session.”

    Hmm. Sounds like a lot of arguing about Blues vs Pop vs Fugue. There would be no music, but a shitload of “Hey man!”s and “Chill brutha!”s and “Confound you!”s.

    You really need to blog more often. I am sick of these long absences. Really. I don’t want that lame excuse of “I’ve got nothing to blog about” or “I’ve been busy”. Screw that. Get the fuck to it. Once a week. I’m leaving soon and I need a connection.
    You have been warned…

  2. The court case of “Daniel Kinsman versus Daniel Kinsman” would be quite funny. But honestly, why don’t you try and refute my claims openly? Empty legal threats only reinforce my assessment of you.

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