Spirit Dies

I walked in to the lunch room today to see the front page of “The Advertiser” newspaper.

The Advertiser’s front cover with the headline, “Spirit Dies”

Being the space nerd that I am, the first thing I thought was that the mars rover named “spirit” had finally given up the ghost. I should have known better, a science article would never be on the front page of The Advertiser. Also the cheap celebrity photos splashing the rest of the page should have been a dead give away.

The Mars rover called “spirit”

The real spirit keeps on trucking, stubbornly lasting 17 times longer than expected. The poor little robot has seen its share of troubles, and now has to drive everywhere backwards, dragging a dead and useless front wheel, still limping across the surface of Mars, doing science, even though it is 1360 in rover years.

Go spirit!


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