Being annoying is now a criminal offence

Apparently it is now a criminal offence to annoy a catholic person. Police and emergency service workers have been given special powers to stop behaviour that “causes annoyance or inconvenience” to people visiting the pope and participating in Sydney’s upcoming world youth day. What a load of bullshit.

What can be considered “annoying”? Pointing out the obvious contradictions in their beliefs? Calling out their actions for being inconsistent with their supposed moral values? Peaceful protest? Distributing free condoms? What happened to turning the other cheek?

I am ashamed of my country. If I was in Sydney I would not let this stop me from protesting, in fact I assume it will cause even more people to join in the march. Show them how wrong they are, but do it peacefully; don’t give them justification for these ridiculous powers.

Sydney-siders, do you best. I might just get myself a plane ticket and join you.


3 thoughts on “Being annoying is now a criminal offence

  1. I saw this yesterday in the news.

    Officially that makes me ‘on the lamb’… I’ve been annoying for years.

    The consequence of terrorism seems to be the curtailing of freedom… I mean what sort of world do we live in where you can’t wear a t-shirt telling the Pope to F**k Off.

    As for distributing condoms… I still see the actions of the church with regard to safe sex as akin to the holocaust – especially in Africa – as a direct result of that mandate people are dying, needlessly and painfully. I’m sure that’s god’s will, right?

    I’ll make a pledge that anyone who gets arrested with a charge of ‘annoyance’ will get a drink from me.

  2. Oh my arse-fucking god.
    Normally, I’m all for seeing both sides of the argument, but special powers to curtail ‘annoyance’??!!?? It makes me choke with rage.
    If I went and protested, it wouldn’t be about the pope telling people not to wear condoms ever, because I AM all for freedom of action (Catholic church can tell people whatever they want, it’s people’s choice, etc), it would be against Australia’s own little patriot act going on right here!

    Or, I would have the entire 500,000 people arrested for causing annoyance to me, as a participant of World Youth Day (albeit a contentious one, I’m still ‘participating’), for being a bunch of money draining buttheads with no good moral conscience or sense of free will.

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