Temper Tantrum

The child thrashes on the ground, a stream of tears and ear splitting noise erupting from it. It’s hands and feet slap the ground spasmodically.

“I want low petrol prices! Waaaa! I want low petrol prices!” the child moans.
“Okay, okay!” the government concedes. “Here you go! Have a petrol excise. Is that better?”


You’ve all seen this before at the supermarket. You’ve all seen the inept parent cave and cater to their child’s whim. The only difference here is that the government knows that what it is doing is futile, but they feel they must listen to the people, as it cannot stand without their support. So who do I blame here, the government or the people?

The government does not set the price of petrol. The government is not responsible for the massive fuel price increases in recent years. The excises will not stop the cost of fuel from rising, or even slow it down.

For a thorough and less invective response to this issue, check out the oil drum.


4 thoughts on “Temper Tantrum

  1. I blame the people. People come first. Then government. Then idiots sobbing on about petrol and interest rates but refusing to read the paper.

  2. As the saying goes, Masses are Asses.

    Which is why, democracy has its limits. “Ask the people”, they say! As if the people are experts at everything πŸ™‚

    The difference between the masses and experts: The masses think for one-tenth of a second and give an opinion. Whereas experts spend several weeks or months before giving an opinion.

    Be serious. Leave opinions to experts. This especially applies to the environment and climate change. Recently, a poll in VIC found that most people want to avoid high-rise apartments and want to live in independent houses with a large backyard. However, given the dense population in VIC and the fast rate of growth, the experts reacted that such dreams will create a “Fool’s paradise”. Masses are not just asses — they are also selfish.

    No, I am NOT an expert on stem cell research — so I will NOT give my opinion on that.


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