cello + multi effects pedal – talent = this

I bought myself a multi effects pedal for the cello today. Let the rock begin.

Whilst mucking around with the pedal I came up with a metal riff and quickly whipped it into a song. Check it out on myspace, listen and enjoy.


10 thoughts on “cello + multi effects pedal – talent = this

  1. A multi effects pedal is usually used with a guitar. It alters the sound to add a bunch of effects like distortion, echo, wah wah etcetera.

    I got a cheap digitech RP80 for $150. Oh and before you get an effects pedal, you’ll need a pickup so you can plug it in! Microphones don’t work too well with effects.

  2. If you get a amp daniel.. you will be playing with a foot shoved through you chello strings… : ) The amp looks nice.. does not work very well.. !!

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