Melbourne here I am

So far Melbourne has been good to me. After a long a tiring drive I arrived at my temporary abode, which is a big, old, house with many bedrooms. Only a few are occupied at the moment by international travelers working semi-permanently in Melbourne. Down the hallway is a shrine to the landlady – a gauntlet of portraits to assault your eyeballs. For full effect imagine the lady herself standing at the end of the hall, the final challenge to your visual cortex.

Portrait Gauntlet

Portrait Gauntlet


After introducing myself to the other lodgers I was invited out and despite being tired managed to have a few drinks, almost go deaf at the espy and almost lose my eye glasses at another place. The rest was a lot of fun though.

Work has been great, the people are friendly and everyone is incredibly intelligent. So far I have yet to meet the one socially retarded weirdo who usually spoils a workplace for everyone. Here’s hoping there isn’t one.

Now the search continues for a more permanent rental.


2 thoughts on “Melbourne here I am

  1. I’ve got a spare retard that we can send over if there isn’t one at your work. Every work place needs one and we seem to have an abundance!

    You two got along so well too đŸ™‚

    Creepy landlord, glad to hear that you’re enjoying the new office.

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