I declare that inline skates are back

I like trains. You see, Adelaide didn’t have trains, or at least no trains going anywhere I wanted to. Every time I’ve been on a train, be it in Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo or Toulouse, I was on holidays. So I associate trains with exotic places, with seeing something new and fun.

So far living in Melbourne has yet to quash my positive reaction on seeing one lumber into a station. I fear it is only a matter of time though, well, either that or I’ll have to take up trainspotting.

But commuting by train has it’s disadvantages. I have quite a long walk on both ends of the trip. In Melbourne you can take your push bike on the train, but my bike is still packed up in Adelaide, waiting for me to find a permanent place to live.

That’s where the skates come in.

—— pic forthcoming here ——

Inline skates rock. I’ve always enjoyed skating, but it’s been quite a few years since I had a pair. I was mulling over the thought of getting some to make the station-to-home, station-to-work trips quicker, so I searched for suitable shops in Melbourne, and the first hit that came up just happened to be right near my work. During my lunch break I ambled over, and rolled back.

Inline skating seems to have petered out around the same time as happy pants. I am officially declaring that they are back (the skates, that is). It’s a lot of fun, and people’s reactions are amusing as well. I’ve had a few puzzled looks, a few smiles, and one ten year old yelling admiration as I passed him on his lame scooter thing. “Yeah” I said, “That’s just how I roll.”


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