The Bare Essentials

It’s amazing how little possessions you need to get along. I’m still waiting for my stuff to come from Adelaide, and may be waiting for another two weeks yet. It has surprised me how easy living in an empty house is, how little I miss it all. But before I came to Melbourne I did pack what I could into the car, in order of importance. So what are the most important possessions in my life?

  • One swag for sleeping on
  • All of the clothes I own (a whopping two bags)
  • One framed picture of Saturn
  • My cello

cello in bed

Playing the cello in an empty house is fantastic, the high, arched ceilings have great acoustics, the sound just reflects and reverberates everywhere. Usually when you sit behind the cello you don’t get to hear the full sound, as it projects outwards from you and doesn’t come back.
I will almost be disappointed when all my stuff gets here and dampens the volume. I’m sure my new neighbors will be happier though… at least until I get an amp.


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