Join ma cult

So far I have resisted all attempts from my friends to join facebook. I have derided it, and given long speeches on why I am too good to join. And yet, I have recently been suckered into the narcissistic joy of twitter. Now I find myself trying to convince them to join the cult.

Please feel free to get revenge, to take the “holier than thou” approach and tell me what a hypocrite I am. Then sign up to twitter, because otherwise you will be missing out on the extremely essential aspects of my life and the random snatches of thought that I feel like sharing with the world.

Here’s a few examples from this week, so you can see how awesome I am:

  • at the climate change rally. rob Quantock is a funny bastard
  • Due to procrastination I missed out on attending a GPU cluster (supercomputer) programming seminar at work. Damn you laziness! Damn you!
  • best joke of the night: getting a tshirt printed with the following in kanji: “help me, i’m trapped in a sweatshop”
  • hip hop dance classes are difficult and full of narcissists. Who’d a thunk it?
  • What bad luck: someone stole my bicycle.
  • What good luck: particle accelerators are rad.
  • What good luck: particle accelerators are rad. on Twitpic

Am I not awesome? Don’t you just want to read stuff like that everyday?

Oh god, what have I become.


4 thoughts on “Join ma cult

  1. My only regret is that I cannot reply to your twitters. So:
    I’m sorry your bike got stolen
    Sweatshop shirt = rad

    Charlie and I had a conversation the other day.

  2. You can reply to tweets, but you’ll need an account first. And seeing as charlie is now having conversations, why don’t you sign him up as well? I’m sure a 3 month old’s thoughts would be entertaining reading.

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