And the winner is

Recently I had to write a resume as part of a project review at work. In the template I was supplied with there was a section for “awards”. Not having won much official recognition, I did what all great resume writers do, and invented some.

Daniel Kinsman has won the following awards:

  • 2005 Office guitar hero championship
  • 2083 Time traveler of the year award

I was particularly proud of the last one. My manager, though sharing the humour, sadly told me to revise it.

So, can you come up with any humorous awards?


3 thoughts on “And the winner is

  1. For a resume?
    Voted 2005 Yatala’s Most Likely to Successfully Reintegrate
    1998 State Spelling Bee Champoin

    I can’t compete with that last one – it’s gold!

  2. ‘Commendable Effort’ certificate for unscrewing gherkin jars?

    ‘Most Improved’ trophy for ‘The most imaginative interpretation of Casual Friday’ ?

    Honourable Mention for ‘Farter Most Likely to Disrupt Team Meetings’

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