Xenophon’s Wager

Xenophon got up in the Australian Senate yesterday and talked about the government’s proposed carbon pollution reduction scheme (CPRS). Here’s what he said:

If we get this wrong, if the climate change sceptics are wrong, are they willing to literally bet the planet that they are right and thousands of climate change scientists are wrong? I think that is the key to this. My plea to Senator Joyce, whom I regard as a friend and colleague, is to look at the risk factors, look at this as an issue of managing risk. If you are doubtful about the science, at least look at the whole issue of managing this very significant risk, because there is no going back if we get this wrong.

Funny, I didn’t think Nick “no pokies” Xenophon was a gambling man? Either the science is valid, or it is not. Rhetoric and threats like this are useless, and should have no place in the senate. You could very well use the same argument to justify the doomsday crackpotism that is the 2012 mayan end of the world crap.

Unfortunately the evidence supporting climate change is valid, and we are all fucked unless we do something about it.

Still it would be nice if the senate was a forum of informed logical debate rather than a slanging match. Watching parliament question time will quickly shatter any such ideals. But if it is to be a primary school playground, at least Xenophon managed to get in this gem:

if the government’s CPRS were a dog, the only merciful thing to do would be to have it put down.


One thought on “Xenophon’s Wager

  1. “…it would be nice if the senate was a forum of informed logical debate rather than a slanging match”

    Pardon me while I gather up all these intestines I have laughed upon the carpet.

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