Citibank sucks (whinge whinge)

I created a new account with citibank. Their internet banking sucks. The account creation procedure is ridiculous, the login procedure is ridiculous, and when I finally get past all that, I am told that my combination of windows 7 and firefox is unsupported. What crud.

So any money I transfer into that account will be inaccessible except by phone banking. Yeah, I think I’ll stick with the other banks, thanks.

The icing on the cake? I tried to tell them so on their “feedback form”. After I was done typing, I was told that my feedback could not be submitted for security reasons because it contained unusual characters. Apparently:

Your Complaint / Compliment must be written using alpha numeric characters and not include symbols such as ! @ # $%^&*~

Funny. I would assume that most people complaining to a bank are likely to use a percent sign (%) or a dollar sign ($) or a damn exclamation mark! They must be congratulating themselves on the remarkably few complaints they get submitted. “Look, we’re doing great!”


One thought on “Citibank sucks (whinge whinge)

  1. I takes me eleven separate clicks to enrol a single student into an online assignment checker which they should be automatically signed up for upon enrolment.

    Instead, the student finds the website (at least four clicks), types in their ID into a form and clicks send. This just sends me a form email with their ID which I click to read, open IE, click to enrolment system, click to activate automatic form-fill, click log in, click administrate, click my section, click the sub-section, click the next subsection, click the single-item menu, check the correct box, click back to email, ctrl-c, click back to enrolment page, ctrl-v (I’m trying to cut down on clicks here) and … finally … click enrol.
    Then I am informed that it has worked and I have click ‘OK’ to say that I have seen that it works.
    Now let me count …
    … okay, fourteen clicks.

    YYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYY tertiary system!

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