The end is nigh

They Mayans have it wrong. The Christians have it wrong. Mark your calendars, May 6 2011 is the day of the apocalypse.

Duke Nukem Forever has been in development for 14 years. 14 years! Do you remember what video games looked like in 1997? Needless to say the project ran a little over budget, and way over time. The USA space program, from Kennedy’s challenge to the first steps on the moon, took less time. The entire Manhattan project took less time. My schooling from primary to secondary, from learning to spell my own name to writing essays on the existentialism of Camus, took less time.

Many people (myself included) thought that this game would never come out. “Hell will freeze over”. “Pigs will fly”. “Duke Nukem Forever will be released”. These statements were all equivalent in truth not so long ago. There is only one conclusion to make.

Say goodbye to your loved ones. Blow all your savings. May 6, 2011, the release date for Duke Nukem Forever, will bring about the end of the world. Except in Australia, ’cause it will be banned here.


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