Zombie Children

A while ago I wrote a post about the absence of children in violent video games:

Imagine the impact children could bring to other, more adult games… it would have been a stark and shocking sight to see a child zombie amble towards me. It would have reminded me that zombies were once people. It would have made me think of the ethics of shooting zombies, when it is possible they could be cured instead. And it would have given me the sickening realisation of the inevitable conclusion – I would have to kill this child in order to save myself. Suddenly the boxed in nature of an on-rails game would feel even more claustrophobic. It would have been thought provoking; it would have been art.

It seems someone has been listening.

Violent imagery warning in the following video.

This trailer has taken the tired and over worked standard zombie shooter genre back to where it came from – horror. This scene is scary, and it is horrible. I’ve played hundreds of rounds in Left 4 Dead and shot thousands of zombies in other games without even batting an eye, because was never real. It was always just a game mechanic; you feel about as sorry for the zombies as you feel for the inanimate targets in whack-a-mole. But this is different.

I just hope the actual game can live up to the trailer.


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