“Two cracks under my right f-hole”

Someone posted the above title into a web forum I read. Here are some choice quotes from the post itself:

The two cracks are just over an inch apart and the middle part sank down a little bit toward the f-hole..maybe a quarter of an inch?

One crack starts at the top of the f-hole and extends down about 6-7 inches.. the other starts near the bottom of the f-hole, about 3-4 inches long

Any answers and comments would be greatly appreciated.

Clearly they need help, so why don’t you visit it and post an answer for them?


2 thoughts on ““Two cracks under my right f-hole”

  1. Most of the people on that forum have been playing the cello for more than 10 years. They’ve heard all the jokes about g-strings, f-holes, and fingerings, and laughed at them. But then they kept using the terms, and have become so familiar with them, that by this point the double entendre’s fly right over their heads, unnoticed.

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