I told you so

My new website – ToldThemSo.com – just went live. On it you can write time delayed messages that get emailed to whoever you want, as well as appearing on the front page. Why? From the about page:

Ever been arguing with a friend and said “I told you so”? Did they think you were full of shit? After all, it’s easy to say “I told you so” with the benefit of hindsight. This site is about proof. Proof you said the shit you said you said, way back when you said you said it.

Write a new message on here and we’ll record the time you said it. You can then use it as proof for all eternity. We’ll also email it to your friends as proof when the message goes ‘active’.

Here are a few examples:

I told you my team would win the championship this year.

I told you you were going to pass and get great marks despite your paranoia and worry.

I told you Apple would release a new iPad in six months.

I told you the rapture would occur in less than five years. Enjoy being left behind, sinner.

I told you we would still be alive after the Mayan 2012 end of the world nonsense.

I told you he was bad news and that he would cheat on you.

So check out Told them so and be a smart arse!


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