War. War never changes.

I just read a very interesting interview about cyber warfare, concerning the flame virus. I found it technically and politically very interesting. I didn’t see the answer to the final question coming, but it hit like semitrailer:

RT: So can we call this a cyber war, and if so?

VK: Stuxnet and Duqu were bright examples of cyber weapons which could even physically destroy infrastructure, and this [Flame] is a continuation of this story. So this is another development in this roe which continues in addition to Stuxnet and Duqu.There are also nation stations supporting [these] developments. We think that cyber warfare has been going on for years already. People were just probably not aware of it because cyber warfare has a unique feature: it’s hidden. Nobody knows when cyber warfare operations are going on. This is the key feature of it.

RT: So who do you think is winning this war?

VK: I think that humanity is losing to be honest, because we are fighting between each other instead of fighting against global problems which everyone faces in their lives.

I mean sure, that’s a clichéd statement that we’ve all heard before; in war, everybody loses. But I’ve never heard it used in this context before. I read these kinds of articles from a detached perspective, too interested in the guts of the software itself. Well said Vitaly Kamlyuk.


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