I’m your Venus

Thankfully the Melbourne weather was cooperative and we managed to get some great views of Venus transiting in front of the sun through my ghetto rig. Below is a shot taken by holding my phone up to the telescope eyepiece. The view was more amazing in person of course! You could actually see sunspots on the surface as well.

2012 transit of venus

2012 Transit of Venus

Update: here’s a much more impressive view of the transit taken by NASA (in fast forward):

Update 2: Here’s a photo of us enjoying the transit courtesy of Esther:

Us watching the transit of venus

Us watching the transit of venus


3 thoughts on “I’m your Venus

  1. Funky shot! Hard to believe it’s even real. And you got the sunspots too.
    Makes my camera jealous of your phone.
    And wishing they could’ve shipped the connection adapters out of the US or not costed twice as much as here. Though ’twas probably getting too late to order anyway.
    Maybe I should spring for a longer lens. Ha.

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