I unbuttoned my fly, took out my penis, and was greeted with rapturous applause. True story.

Perhaps a little context is needed? This happened a few months ago while Stef and I were attending a chamber music concert. The concert was about to start, but I had to go, so I dashed to the dunny (incidentally, Elizabeth Murdoch Hall has some fancy dunnies). I stepped up to the urinal to do my business when the applause started through the speakers. I knew it wasn’t for me, but for a split second it sure felt good.

In actuality the applause wasn’t from the concert at all, it was pre-canned applause to make toilet goers think the concert had started so they would hurry up. Clever social engineering eh?


2 thoughts on “Penis

  1. I think you just scared off half your readers with that title.
    And the first sentence.
    It gets better after that.
    Those dunnies are quite fancy. The women’s ones you can and I almost did get lost in.

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