What next?

Having finished Decisive Robot, Ghost Safety Squad and releasing their source code, what do I work on next?

Decisive Robot hasn’t really taken off so I’ll probably leave it to it’s own devices. People seemed to like Ghost Safety Squad though, so I’m considering revamping it into something bigger and better. Make it more fun and less punishing, polish it up and chuck it on phones/tablets while I am at it. Or there is “mystery game” which I was working on before either of those two showed up.

I like the idea of Ghost Safety Squad but it’s the sort of casual game that appeals to a wide audience. This means it has to compete for attention in a market full of other awesome games, and it’s success will rely a lot on it’s graphical appeal and publicity – not my strong points. “Mystery game” is very niche and could play to my strengths as a software developer. It will probably take longer to develop though.

Everything I’ve been reading about entrepreneurship suggests that you’ve got to fail many times before you’ll make something people will really like. With that in mind it’s probably best to focus on small projects I can finish in a month or two, rather than devoting a year to something that will likely fail.

Hmmm. Oh crap, why am I debating myself in this ridiculous soliloquy when I created a robot to make these kind of decisions for me?

Decisive Robot chooses "Mystery Game"

Well that settles that.


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