Microsoft is doomed

Things aren’t looking too good for microsoft in the long term. They just reported their first quarterly loss ever. They were late to the internet game, the mp3 player game, the smart phone game, and now the tablet game. The only innovative thing they’ve done in years is the kinect.

On the desktop, they still dominate. I grabbed the data off of statcounter and here’s what it had to say:

That’s a lot of orange, but it’s trending downward. And this is just on the desktop, on mobile, we know microsoft doesn’t have much share. Statcounter doesn’t even list them. So let’s look at mobile vs desktop traffic:

Nothing will happen overnight of course, microsoft will still dominate the risk averse slow changing world of office worker software for at least a decade or two. But unless they change something drastic, it’s all downhill. Personally I don’t think the microsoft surface tablet or windows 8 will do anything to stem the tide.