Fusion anomaly

In the blazing sun, onboard the deck of a sailing ship, I stared at a page which asked me the question: “what is your favourite website?” The page was a customer satisfaction survey for the wonderful three day “sailing safari” I was returning from in Fiji. It was an odd question, being so very generic. Not “what is your favourite website for finding holiday information” but “what is your favourite website?” Without hesitation (aside from the obvious wisecracks about entering a porn site) I entered fusionanomaly.net, even though I have not visited it in years.

fusion anomaly

Sadly the main site of fusion anomaly is now hidden, with only a note saying that “history ends in green”. It is still possible to access the contents of the site though by navigating through an archived version (or just by bypassing fusion anomaly’s main page and accessing one of its nodes.

Fusion anomaly is a one man wikipedia on a grab bag of bizzare topics from technoshamanism and halucinogenic drugs to the illuminati; it’s all there, and it’s all mysterious and weird. I spent a quite few late nights perusing it’s pages, stumbling from link to link, amazed at the amount of content on there. Fusion anomaly is a relic of the internet, and nowdays reads like it might have been artificially constructed as part of some alternate reality game. It’s interesting not so much for the actual content, but more for the insight it provides into the man behind its creation (atomjack).

If it wasn’t for fusion anomaly, I wouldn’t have discovered the band with the best name on earth – Green nuns of the revolution. I would never have heard two vindaloos and an onion baghee or radioactive rain (actually by Mama Indica I believe, not Infected Mushroom).

So check out fusion anomaly. Those of you with a weird sense of curiosity will love it, though most will just say “wtf?” and move on. But remember: you are what you cache.


18 thoughts on “Fusion anomaly

  1. This is so appreciated. I’ve missed my visits to Fusionanomaly almost desperately at times. We’re alike in that the first and unquestionably true answer to that question is Fusionanomaly.net. It’s the best of all. Thank you for pointing out ways to slip back in. I’ll try now… It’s been so long! *bliss*

  2. I would like to thank you for putting up the archived link.. like yourself I haven’t visited the website in a while then realized the main page has no access to contents. I agree with you this is absolutely my top site to go to during the phase of my awakening. I thank you for sharing 🙂

    I don’t have a twitter but I think i might open one just so i could follow atomjack!!!

  3. And there is no better site known to me and I doubt there will be any time soon. That is unless Atom Jack chooses to create something to prove me wrong. There would be a thrill…

    • *Beams* I like your findings and have found the same. It’s funny that now there is a thrill even at the thought of shared appreciation over all the riches found there… an email comes in, something more is said here and wonder perks. Thank you for today’s Jeff. ^_^

  4. Yesterday I was telling my boyfriend about the 100th monkey and – of course – fusionanomaly and referred to it as “my favourite website”. When I googled it, I also found your page. Would you be so kind, to show me the fusionanomaly-page which explains this coincident?

  5. People go through things. It’s easy to soak up everything you want from someone, drink ‘n
    make merry over views into what’d take you a considerably long time to find on your own…
    Then, when things calm and the view is shifted, years have passed and the offerings are no
    longer as sweet, diss the mind that first provided. Have you never been a dick? Never even
    slightly grumpy for no one else’s damned business? Never been anything but perfect and
    perfectly judgemental to boot? Well then, have at it, rip him to shreds… How easy and lame.

    Ever consider that he just may be acting his own way without actually aiming to please you
    or me or anyone in general and that it isn’t that big a deal? Get over it. People go through it…

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  7. Fusionanomaly.net/anomalog2 is the blog from the site which continues. It is an NSA front, a Psy-Ops operation similar to Mk-Ultra.

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