Ghost Safety Squad

2020 edit: This is a very old game I made way back in 2012. We didn’t have to upload stuff to back then so I did it on ma blog. Newer such experiments can be found here:

It’s a video game we made! Play it!

You play as a ghost whose goal is to save clueless pedestrians from horrific traffic accidents. Do this by possessing their bodies and guiding them to safety.
Move with the arrow keys (or WSAD), possess / dispossess with the spacebar.

ghost safety squad gameplay

We made Ghost Safety Squad in ~48 hours as part of the TigJamAu game jam. I did the coding, Natasha and Rebecca did the artwork/animation and Nathan did the music.

The game is playable at the moment but I plan to improve it, add a score mechanism, make failure a bit less random, integrate the video intro, spit and polish here and there. Stay tuned for updates, or check out the source code and do it yourself!

Download for Linux and Mac OSX or Microsoft Windows.

Have fun and remember to be careful when crossing the street!

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