What’s wrong with the video game industry

This is appalling, but it sure explains the rampant sexism in videogames. Hey devs, 42% of all gamers are women! Perhaps you should not despise and fear them so much?

Clearly we need more women working in the games industry. We need to stop this bullshit. If you are a game developer like the turds in this video, grow the fuck up. Read something about feminism and misogyny. You don’t have to be afraid of women! It’s not their fault that you are afraid of them! Perhaps the reason you are single is because you hate women? Stop blaming them for your own failings.

And for those of you who would like to counter with the “this is just some shitty tv show” argument, you are so wrong.


7 thoughts on “What’s wrong with the video game industry

  1. What on earth was that shit… Surely these guys aren’t actual game developers? Their ideas are not just sexist but stupid.

  2. No, they aren’t professional game devs, they just entered a reality tv show, the equivalent of “master chef” for the video game industry if you will. But the industry is still rife with these kinds of problems.

  3. I couldn’t even watch past the huge groups of guys in t-shirts and the gorgeous slim presenter in fucking corset. I assume the rest of the clip is just more of the same kind of ideology: oh hai grrlz lookit buubs har har har

    WHY?!? WHY A CORSET?!?
    Couldn’t she, you know, wear a shirt with shoulders?

  4. Oh no, franzy, it is way, way worse than that. “When I think super-villain I automatically think of a woman… Let’s say it’s a woman in menopause.”. And it only gets worse from there.

  5. You realize this video takes all kinds of comments out of context, right? That’s hardly the basis for a valid argument…

  6. The shit in that video is so bad, there is no context that could possibly justify it. Unless that context is “this is an acting performance piece in which I pretend to be the most misogynistic game designer in the world”.

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