Power down

This website will be going offline for one hour on March 29th at 8pm Adelaide time. It isn’t going down for maintenance, or other technical difficulties; it is going down by choice. Earth hour is an event where everyone turns off their lights and other electrical appliances in a show of support against global warming. The idea is to reduce power consumption nationwide for that one hour, just to show what we can do without.

my webserver

The computer that serves you this website, pictured above, sits in my kitchen next to the fridge. It will be switched off on the hour, along with everything else in the house, as my little show of support.

If you want to join the voluntary blackout, you can sign up on the earth hour website, although it is getting hammered at the moment so I can’t even join yet!


5 thoughts on “Power down

  1. Ah, but how are you going to stop Benny from driving elsewhere (using more fossil fuels) to take advantage of those who are not so earth conscious?

  2. Easy – I just convince them to join the blackout as well. If that doesn’t work then I’ll have to resort to violence and knock his lights out before I turn his lights off.

    Thanks folks, I’m here all day…

  3. But dude, 1 hour ain’t gonna do jack. You wanna save the planet? Bike to work, turn the air conditioner off, and do it everyday.

  4. Obviously the one hour thing isn’t meant to instantly save the planet. It’s about raising awareness, realising that you don’t need everything on all the time, and using less in the long term.

    I barely use the air con and already cycle to work almost every single day. In fact I’m going to be selling my car soon and will be getting around by pushie and motorbike alone.

  5. i’m sure the outage didn’t cause you no problems… blogger goes down with NO notice and the notice they do give is in Pacific bloody time and I’m in London I always seem to get it wrong even though it IS meant to be minus 8

    more to the point: those birdies are dead cute

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